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    When you need a professional translation.
    I translate all kind of texts including literature.
    Areas of expertise: marketing and ads, IT (e.g. user manuals and software) and technical texts (e.g. user manuals)
    I use mainly a translation tool called MemoQ.

    Translations are provided in the following language pairs:

    English-Finnish (all kind of texts)
    Finnish-English (easy general texts only)
    Swedish-Finnish (all kind of texts)
    Finnish-Swedish (easy general texts only)
    Norwegian-Finnish (general texts only)
    Danish-Finnish (general texts only)


    When you need grammatically correct texts.
    In the following languages: Finnish (all kind of texts); English and Swedish (easy general texts only).


    When you need text e.g. to brochures or websites or when you need a summary of a longer text.
    In the following languages: Finnish.